My love affair with the Duke began in 1983, when I flew N6437C S#594 home from the factory on a sales demo. In 1988, I finally acquired the plane from the original owner with 514 hours. His business was slowing down and he was afraid of the rumored high maintenance costs. Within a few months on one of my regular jaunts to the airport to cruise the flight line, Jim and Marge Gorman landed in N410G S#596. That was the day the concept of the Duke Owners Group was formed, specifically to exchange and expand operational and maintenance information with all of the owners. Through 11 years, tireless effort by Jim, Marge and many others, the Duke now enjoys an operational reputation befitting its beauty and solid Beechcraft quality. Throughout 1400 hours of operating my Duke, the maintenance per hour averaged $100, much less than was rumored. My experience and understanding with the Duke is well known throughout the Aviation Insurance industry. This ability has enabled me to put together an exceptional insurance program tailored to the unique needs of those people fortunate enough to operate the best pressurized piston cabin class twin in Aviation. I look forward to providing a quote on your Duke.

Bill Passey


Passey Bond has been focused on aviation for over 40 years. Under the leadership of Bill Passey, we have established our company as a reliable, competitive, and service oriented agency to the aviation community. Bill has accumulated in excess of 7500 hours including 5500 multi-engine and 2500 turbine in 12 different aircraft. This extensive experience guarantees that our clients will receive the most competitive and broadest insurance program for their needs. We serve a broad sector of aviation clients, including, Pleasure & Business, FBO’s, Air Ambulance, Industrial Aid, and Flight Management Companies. We are highly regarded for our abilities to design transitional programs for single-engine piston to multi-engine piston, turbo-prop and light ​jets.



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